Arkansas Fencing Academy

Welcome to Arkansas Fencing Academy – home to 2 Olympic athletes, and the only United States Fencing Association member club.

Fencing in Northwest Arkansas began in 1979 through the work of Scott Sutton, founder of the Arkansas Fencing Academy and Fayetteville Fencing Club (our competitive name). The classes were held in Scott’s apartment until 1982 when the group began renting a room in the old University of Arkansas Bowling Building.

After 16 years of growth, the club outgrew the two-strip room and a larger salle was sought. So in 1998, Neal Picken picked up the gauntlet and started the Arkansas Fencing Academy in Springdale. The Fayetteville Fencing Club moved into the new academy, which included 6 strips, a full armory, changing areas, and showers. The concept behind this new academy was having several area fencing clubs, formed through the local schools, utilizing its facilities. Currently, the only United States Fencing Association member club is the Fayetteville Fencing Club.

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