In 2011, while unemployed and job hunting, James Smith noticed there was a large void in the furniture industry for affordable, quality, and real-wood furniture. So he bought a $40 skill saw, some stain, and wood and built a coffee table in his garage. He listed the coffee table online and although that first table didn’t sell for a month, orders started flowing in for dining tables, benches, nightstands, and more. It was obvious people wanted solid, attractive, real-wood furniture at an affordable price. Smith quickly partnered with college friend James Eldridge to help meet the growing demand and James+James was born.

Today, James+James is one of the fastest growing furniture companies in the country, with James+James products found in nearly every state from coast to coast. Job creation right here in the U.S. continues to remain a top priority. James+James now provides work to over 15 team members and growing.