Big Sexy Food

There are many ways to experience the BIG-ness and SEXY-ness of BIG sexy Food.  

Big Sexy Food offers an “in home” or “small venue” dining experience like no other. Your menu is crafted around your specific needs and desires. They provide the elegance of high end restaurant dining with the personal touch of your own home. All you have to do is invite your guests. 

You can join Big Sexy Food at our BIG sexy Food Truck, where they offer “street food like you’ve never scene it before.” They are five star dining from truck to table.

This is not your average food truck fare. Big Sexy Food focuses on fresh made quality food with center of the plate presentation.

No matter how you choose to get your BIG sexy food, you will find that each dish is hand prepared from scratch using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. They strive to use locally sourced foods in order to promote the growth of our community. Don’t just sit there come get your BIG sexy Food, because life is too short for ugly food.

(Featured in Preview Episode 04)