Amy Hannon & Euna Mae's

Amy Nelson Hannon lives in Springdale, Arkansas in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. She is married to her college sweetheart who is still the funniest boy in the world. Her three greatest gifts came packaged as Grace, Luke, and Isaac.

In May 2014, after almost 13 years as a wedding stationer, Amy pursued her dream of opening a kitchen boutique in her grandmother’s name. Because like Euna Mae (pronounced ‘yoo-na’), Amy loves to be in her kitchen making food for those she loves.

Amy finds joy in the feel of biscuit dough or cold pie crust in her hands. She is filled by the laughter that bellows around a dinner table and the stories that are told after the plates are pushed away. Amy’s kitchen is a collection of heirloom and timeless pieces that she swears make her food taste a little better. And she can squeal about recipes, family, and dishware all day long.

Only a little more than a year after Euna Mae’s opened, Amy was asked to be the new host of a 30-minute cooking show that started airing in January 2016. Amy cooks right out of her own kitchen, showing easy comfort food recipes to fix for your people.

Amy’s hope is that she inspires hospitality in your heart and encourages you to love deeply, welcome gladly, and serve faithfully so that in all things God will be praised.